Monday, April 6, 2009

Virtual Dust

I am so happy that dust doesn't collect in the virtual world like it does in the real world. I'd hate to think the cleaning I'd have to do on my blog after it sitting untouched for two years!

I really wish I were one of those people who likes to write...or who even likes what they write. I think my desire to make things short and sweet well outweighs my desire to make it interesting. I think what I really miss is social interaction. I could sit and talk to you all day, but a one-sided conversation is not as much fun. What's the fun of talking to yourself if no one is listening?

In an attempt to improve my writing skills, I'm going to start regular posts again. And, I'm going to start posting crafty projects again. Craft night has really helped me set aside time to do things that I like to do. Sometimes that is just drinking coffee and talking all night. Other nights I'm a little more productive. I've even let the girls be a part of craft night--at least until their bed time.

Maybe the crafty projects will be for those days that I don't feel like talking to myself!

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