Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Locks of Love

When my daughters were going through a Hannah Montana phase, they both decided that they wanted hair that was as long as hers. They didn't seem to understand or care that she was wearing a wig. My youngest found out that as her hair grew, it was more difficult to take care of. She has really thick hair, and she couldn't even come close to getting out all the tangles when it was long. So, she recently decided that it was time to get it cut. We discussed how short she wanted it. Then, it occurred to me, that she probably had enough hair to donate. We measure it, and she had more than the 10 inches required. I told her about Locks of Love. She decided to donate her hair. So, we I had to take some photos of the haircut and a picture of her holding her hair that will be donated. She is very happy with her hair now. She can brush it herself, and I think she even picked up a little sassy to go with the short hair!


  1. She looks so stinkin' cute! I love her new haircut and style. It fits her. Can't wait to see them when they come back!

  2. WOW! 10 inches! That's a lotta hair for a great cause! Thanks for playing along with DRS Designs Stamp A Day Give Away! We appreciate your visit!