Friday, July 9, 2010

Scenes from Texas

Just a few photos from my parent's place. Dad has donkeys to help keep coyotes and dogs away from their property. I don't know if the donkeys found a friend or if the deer adopted the donkeys. But, in the mornings and evenings you can usually find this deer with them.

Mom and Dad have a hummingbird feeder haging in their front yard. One evening when we were sitting outside, a hummingbird came to eat. There is actually a second hummingbird in the area, but the first one chases the other one away. I couldn't capture any of that on film, they are really quite quick!

If it's not raining tomorrow, maybe I'll be able to get some photos of the cards I made at craft night with Mom. If was difficult crafting without only limited supplies!


  1. Love the pictures you did capture. They look professional. Can't wait to see what you created. Missing you!

  2. Those are some awesome shots! I have missed you alot!

  3. great pictures . I became a follower.